Our client is a branch brand of its parent tracking solutions company. The product is an affordable asset tracking solution for portable assets, used within SMEs with high volumes of goods that are frequently on the move between remote job sites. The key objective was to develop a successful annual advertising plan for the New Zealand market focused on brand awareness and driving online transactions. In order to fulfil this objective, we began the three-step method we call 'The Disruptive Way', where our team runs a DISCOVERY workshop, followed by a DIAGNOSE audit and then issues a PRESCRIPTION marketing strategy.        



Before approaching us the parent company already had a strong brand and at this stage, the offshoot branch had not yet launched to market. The Disruptive team understood that a "Done with you approach" would work best for their market plan. This meant sharing the tasks across the team in a cohesive way. However, A marketing strategy had not yet been put in place to attract the correct customers through the appropriate channels, therefore using The Disruptive Way and working as a cross-functional team we were able to understand the scope of the market. 


How we helped      

During the discovery phase, our first point of call was to map the buyer's journey and segment through persona science. Combining the insights and analytics with industry knowledge from the client team we were able to identify the target personas to focus the strategy around. Through the diagnose stage our team administered a competitor analysis and a complete systems audit which allows us to find any gaps in the market. This enabled us to prescribe a marketing plan which implemented a foundation of "Always-On Advertising" campaign funnels across Google, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as monthly newsletters, organic social posting, conversion rate optimization and creation of necessary website landing pages and assets. This multi-channel funnel-built brand awareness, drove traffic to the website and eventually lead to a self-serving online conversion generator which was optimized on a monthly basis.   



These initiatives help generate a high level of engagement and an increase in brand awareness for the duration of the campaign from February 2020 to March 2021. Their Google Ad campaign had experienced more than 6,000 clicks, saw 492k impressions and drove 130 conversions. The Facebook Ad campaign reached over 700k, made 2million impressions, and generated 8,200 clicks.   

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