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Influencer campaign promoting Thailand Tourism

The Tourism Authority of Thailand's mandate is to promote Thailand's tourism industry. One of their key objective for 2018 is to increase influence across the millennial and female NZ markets and drive a strong social media strategy across the region. Key to the organisations goals is lifting the brand awareness, desired destination and positioning Thailand as the preferred travel destination of choice.



The Tourism Authority of Thailand has a stable marketing presence in Australia but had little activity in New Zealand. Disruptive Unicorns have now built a marketing strategy for New Zealand including Influencer Marketing which is a technique that has never been adopted by the organisation before.


Our team selected a dynamic influencer - Danielle “Dani” Robinson -from a pool of New Zealand social media influencers. Dani was a great fit as she had audiences who's interests matched one of the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s core niche markets - Sports and Wellness. Dani set off on a trip to Bangkok and Phuket to join the Thailand Marathon with the goal of showcasing the country as a top destination for New Zealander to visit and travel, specifically those interested in sports and wellness activities. Through her powerful social media presence and content coupled with a brilliantly written and beautifully presented blog post she provided clear messaging that communicated the campaign goal.


An overall reach of 130K on Instagram and an organic reach of 16.9K on Facebook.

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Tech startups pre-launch lead generation plan

Customer Success Story 

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Influenced through the Heart of Content

At Disruptive we regularly see requests for influencers and we always recommend looking for those that suit your target market and have the audience to prove it. More and more we are seeing huge increases in requests for "micro influencer strategy" whilst there has been some negative press recently, Influencer Marketing continues to grow both globally and locally, driving brand awareness and advocacy, as well as reaching new audiences. It is one of the marketing channels that did not experience a significant decline in activity even in COVID-19 shutdown period when marketing spend in many channels experienced sharp reductions. But to understand influencer marketing you must reshape your thinking to "targeted content creators speaking to a captive audience" in another sense, they are mini publishers with their own distribution channels. 

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Building a New Growth Marketing Plan

We love to help our customers to think about new markets and opportunities. Putting robust recovery timelines around the growth market is key to success. As a Chartered Marketing Firm, we have developed a blueprint process we call "The Disruptive Way" to help our customers to discover their target markets, audit their marketing set up against their goals and find the right solutions to meet them. 

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Delivering Success for Professional Services

Professional Services Customer ventures into a new market

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