Professional Service Firm Builds Brand Awareness

Posted by Disruptive Unicorns on 25/02/22 11:19 AM

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Our client is a successful professional service firm with long-standing relationships and a healthy turnover. However, they still felt concerned about their low market awareness and were encouraged to turn around their marketing engagements including ranking higher in search engines. Our journey began by using our three-step process coined ‘The Disruptive Way,’ where we Discover, Diagnose and Prescribe a strategy to ferment a successful marketing plan built around their customer mindset. 

This client first approached us in late 2019 with concerns regarding low market awareness leading to the desire to be more prominent in search engines as a means of generating more enquiries and lead generation from their online presence.  



The client outlined their concerns regarding little brand awareness from key stakeholders, they had also stated that all new leads and conversions came from client referrals, which provided for little focus on marketing plans involving inbound marketing or digital advertising strategies. Therefore, the challenge for this professional service firm was knowing the right plan of action to increase their market awareness, proactively generate leads and build an online presence 


How we helped      

Before both the client team and the Disruptive team could agree on a strategy we applied ‘The Disruptive Way’ and undertook a Discover workshop session with the client team. Following this was our Diagnosis audit of their existing systems and platforms, evaluation of their competitors, and a full SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) performance report. The first two steps of our process offer a clear profile of their market persona, enabling us to better understand what customers we want generating more enquiries and leads to their refreshed digital presence.  

We then prescribed an optimized website redesign with ongoing support, maintenance, and implementation of SEO. Which would be backed up by the inbound digital marketing strategy focused on building the clients' market awareness which included organic social media content, blog posts, SEO optimization, gated content and Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn advertising campaign.   



In months across 2020 and 2021 we were able to generate through Facebook alone, 62 leads and just under 4k link clicks. On google ads over 2021 we generated 268 conversions and just under 3k clicks.  

For our client, this meant a successful rise in brand awareness and exposure. It also meant that they were able to enhance their sales process having new leads come through social platforms rather than referrals. Our client is also now in a better position to adapt its brand to accommodate its clientele and prospective clients in a way it couldn't through referrals.  

Further, our client now has a much better understanding of inbound marketing and what they need to do in order to be able to provide all resources that prospective clients would need to convert into a long-standing client.