Creative Refreshing & Your Monthly Strategy

Posted by Disruptive Unicorns on 20/05/22 11:15 AM

In smarketing, Customer Centric Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Business Growth

Have you noticed your ad campaign audience becoming less and less responsive? Are your reports showing a decline in performance? Do you feel your messaging is becoming a little stale? 

It might be time to add a regular creative refresh into your monthly marketing strategy! 


Disruptive utilises creative refreshers as a dynamic approach toward reaching the right audiences and keeping them engaged without having to create a whole new campaign every few weeks. 

Running a successful campaign relies on understanding that it is not a spray-and-walk-away process. In reality, setting the same ad in high frequency can result in your messaging becoming dry, causing 'ad fatigue'. 

Ad fatigue occurs when your audience becomes too familiar and less responsive to your ad content and can prevent users from moving down the sales funnel and, ultimately, reduces your overall ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend). 

Creative refresh is one of the most effective strategies to combat paid social ad fatigue. Evaluating and changing the look and feel of your ad creative can help to deliver results and make sure your content continues to inspire your audience. 

Reaching the right audiences with relevant creative can make or break a campaign’s success. Disruptive is here to help you implement a monthly creative refresh to help you meet your campaign goals and make your marketing strategy a success. Talk to our team today