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Over the last decade, almost all industries have experienced disruption through innovation and technology. Whether it’s transport with Uber or travel with Airbnb, no business is immune.  Be it startup or established. all organisations are vulnerable, so everyone should be 'disruptive ready' and focus on their own growth and scalability. That’s why we’ve created a free six-part Growth Marketing Guide; sharing our knowledge and providing you with actionable insights that’ll inspire and help take your business to the next level.

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Life's too short for bad workplaces


In March we held the first Disruptive networking event of 2018. We were very proud to host Jacki Rowles as our guest speaker. If you were lucky enough to have attended the event you would have heard Jacki presenting an overview of the Google Search Inside Yourself Program (SIY). However if you missed it, here's a recap to help spread the message of mindfulness-based emotional intelligence in the workplace and why every organisation can benefit. Giving back to our community is at the core of Disruptive’ s philosophies and we are honoured to be able to provide access to great leaders and experts and what better way to start that than with mindfulness and mental agility. 

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