Staycation Marketing

Staycations are making a popular comeback with current environmental changes and of course the "C" word restricting our travel and keeping borders closed. Staycations are also a very ecologically friendly way to have a break and visit some of our beautiful country. We are incredibly lucky in New Zealand to have such beautiful destinations and even for the most discerning NZ traveller there is still something new to discover. 

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Dream Now Travel Later

Travel is taking a beating this year that is for sure! If you're one on the many travel businesses out there, you'll no doubt be thinking what can you do to improve tourism business in this current environment? To support your existing customers, pivot travel plans and just survive the next few months, one of the key trends we see emerging from tourism boards and travel businesses is to focus on the customer pathway and journey to purchase.

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What the heck is a pixel?

If you’ve surfed the internet or have done any form of online advertising, you’ve probably come across the term pixel. But what is it and why are they essential for advertising? Specifically why are thy great for advertising on social media?
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The rise and rise of social media influencers

As we discussed in one of our earlier blogs ad blockers are turning down the heat in the advertising kitchen. Influencers with a combination of social media advertising campaigns, can have an extremely healthy effect on your business sales strategy and brand awareness.

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What is social media advertising?

Just under 3.5 billion people use Social Media according to Hootsuite 2019 report. That is an increase of 9% on last year. That’s almost half the world population using social media – you can be sure they also know the other half!

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The rise of ad blockers should advertisers be panicking?


As ad blocking technology takes its grip on the world and users of the blocking technology are on the rise should we be worried?

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